Delivery Estimate

The delivery dates shown on the product pages are for delivery to US addresses only and are our best estimates based on current stock availability, the time it takes to print and ship your order and delivery schedules provided by the US Postal Service.


For smaller orders needing quickly, you may consider our RUSH delivery option which is an extra charge listed in the checkout page. Rush orders are shipped via PRIORITY Mail or UPS Air for 2-3 day delivery depending on how far you are from Houston, Texas.


During busy seasons and on occasion, a certain size or color in a shirt style may temporarily run out. In which case, it may take an additional 1 or even 2 days to ship your order out. 
NOTE: If you have a RUSH order, we will immediately contact you via email in case of a delay and give you some options including cancellation & full refund if we simply cannot meet your RUSH deadline.


Also, when ordering multiple designs, styles, sizes or colors, there may be an additional 1 to 2 day delay in processing your order.


If you MUST have an order in hand within a week's time, we advise you to contact us before placing the order to make sure you get your order in hand by your deadline. In most cases we can rush the order out to you with no additional charge.


When contacting us, please provide the Item number, the shirt size and color and the City & State it is shipping to.

The item number can be found on the product page under the SIZE GUIDE tabs. 

We will then check our inventory and reply back via email within an hour during business hours.

To send us a message or ask any questions, please click here.